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 Emotion [ Big Bang]

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PostSubject: Emotion [ Big Bang]   Emotion [ Big Bang] I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 11:12 am

Chapter 1

Ha Neul lied in the bed, she was fully awake and aware of what she had done. She regretted it. She looked over at the guy sleeping, he was lying on his stomach. Ha Neul sighed and got up from the bed. She went out of the room and tip toed over to her brother's room and knocked on the door. When no sound was coming from inside she walked in, seeing Seung Hyun sleeping. She walked over and sat down on his side of the bed.
“ Seung Hyun?” She whispered. No reaction. “ TOP!” She hit him on the arm and he woke up.
“ I am up!” he groaned.
“ I’ve done something terrible”
“ Killed anyone and want me to help you take care of the body?”
“No! worse! If… seeing sleeping with Ji Yong worse than killing a person” she said. TOP flew up from the bed and looked at the girl.
“ YOU SLEPT WITH GD?!” Ha Neul looked down.
“ yes…but-”
“ But what? He made you!? I’m going to kill him!”
“No…He…we.. I don’t want to!” She laid down on the bed. Seung Hyun Sighed.
“ I thought you liked Young Bae?”
“ I do! But… I don’t know what happened, it just happened!” Ha Neul looked at her brother. He didn’t face her. “ I hate you” She said. Seung Hyun looked at her shocked.
“ hate me? For what?!”
“ not following…making me and Ji Yong do-”
“okay, fine, but it was your decision!” Seung Hyun tried. Ha Neul sighed.
“ I’m going to sleep”
“ in your bed!” Seung Hyun said to tease her.
“ shut up!” She replied as she left the room.

The next morning Ji Yong walked downstairs to the kitchen. Ha Neul was the only one awake and he smiled. “ morning”
“Good morning” she mumbled as she changed the page in the paper. She looked at Ji Yong. “ About yesterday…”
“ what about it?” Ji Yong asked and sat down on the other side of the table.
“ I don’t… I don’t like you like that”
“ It seemed that way yesterday” he replied with a grin.
“ I’m not joking, it was a mistake, and I’m sorry to say it, but I regret it…” Ji Yong looked at her shocked. He dropped his jaw.
“ So…” she shook her head.
“ I’m sorry” She left the kitchen and met Young Bae as she was on her way upstairs, he smiled at her and she smiled but faced the floor, not looking at him. Young Bae looked after her as she ran upstairs. He went into the kitchen and met Ji Yong.
“ hi” He smiled
“ Yo!” Ji Yong smiled waving with his mouth full of cereals. Did you and Ha Neul have fun yesterday?”
“ yeah, it was okay” Ji Yong replied.
“ what did you do?”
“ we danced and stuff… and we slept with each other” it felted like someone punched Young Bae in the stomach. Or more, Ji Yong did.
“oh…” was all he got out. Young Bae looked at Ji Yong. “ So, you’re going out now?” He asked.
“ I don’t know” Ji Yong replied. “ hey! I’m gonna go writing some lyrics” he added as he put the bowl in the dish and walked away. Young Bae nodded and sat down on the chair. He really liked Ha Neul, but he was so shy around her, he never seemed to get what he wanted out, and now Ji Yong had beaten him. Seung Hyun came downstairs.
“ hey” He said.
“ Hi” Young Bae replied.
“ could you go and check on Ha Neul for me? She seemed pretty upset” Seung Hyun said. Young Bae nodded and walked upstairs. As he stood outside her room, ready to knock, the door opened and Ha Neul was on her way out. She stopped and looked at him. He looked at her.
“ Hi” She said.
“ You slept with Ji Yong?” the words hit her in the face. She let him in.
“ I regret it…”
“ Where you drunk?”
“ No! It just happened…” Young Bae could see that she regretted it. She was sitting on the bed, covering her face with her hands. “ I already like someone else!” she said falling back on her bed. Young Bae swallowed.
“Who?” She sat up and looked at him.
“ It doesn’t matter, I will never get him anyway, and now when I slept with Ji Yong, no one wants me!” Young Bae went over and sat down next to her.
“ Don’t say that!” he said. She looked at him, then rested her head on his shoulder.
“ I’m not like this! This isn’t me… just doing it!” They looked at each other. Ha Neul swallowed and touched his cheek with her hand. He took her hand in his.
“ You don’t want to do that” he said.
“ yes I want to” She replied. “ you have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now”
“ what about the guy you liked?”
“ it’s you…” He looked at her and felted how his heart started to beat faster and faster. “ I’m sorry” she said. Young Bae didn’t say anything, he just walked out of the room. Ha Neul sighed and fell back down on the bed.
“great” she said to herself.

Ji Yong sat in his room trying to write some lyrics, but he couldn’t, all he could think about was Ha Neul. There was something with her, from the first time he met her, when she moved into the house. He wanted to be near her, but something always got in the way, someone else was there or-
His thoughts got interrupted by Dae Sung. “ Yo!” He said and sat down on the bed looking at Ji Yong who sat on the chair. “ What’s the matter?”
“ Nothing”
“ I can tell that there’s something” Dae Sung smiled his stupid smile and all Ji Yong wanted was to tell him to leave.
“ There isn’t anything” He replied. He looked out to the hallway and saw Ha Neul walk by, his heart took a big jump.
“fine, I was just checking, you have been here all morning”
“ I need my time alone” Ji Yong replied and buried his head in the lyrics again.
“ okay!” Dae Sung left the room and Ji Yong went to his bed, he closed his eyes.

“ Ji Yong?” He groaned and turned as he lied in the bed. Ha Neul took a deep breath and hit him on the arm. “ GD!”
“ What?!” When he saw her, he wish he hadn’t been shouting. “ sorry” He said.
“ It’s dinner”
“ Dinner?!”
“I guess you’ve been sleeping” Ha Neul got up from the bed and walked towards the door. She stopped and looked at Ji Yong who had been looking at her. “ Are you coming?” She asked. Ji Yong smiled.
“ I’m coming” He replied and got out of the bed.

As they walked downstairs everyone was seated by the table, waiting for them. “ He fell asleep” Ha Neul revealed.
“ I can see! your hair is all over the place!” Seung Ri shouted. Ji Yong grabbed a hat and put it on his head.
“ yours isn’t better!” He replied. Ji Yong saw how Ha Neul sat down next to Young Bae, smiling at him, as he smiled back at her. He went over to Dae Sung and sat down next to him.
“ Let’s eat!” Seung Hyun shouted.



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PostSubject: Re: Emotion [ Big Bang]   Emotion [ Big Bang] I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 12:04 pm


I love reading about Big Bang and I love your fics! ^_^

In some way it feels kinda real... Razz
Anyway, I'll wait for the next chapter Wink XD

Btw, Nice banner ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Emotion [ Big Bang]   Emotion [ Big Bang] I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 3:56 pm

thank you!! ^___^

박상현 <3
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Emotion [ Big Bang]
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