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 Rules [ For this site follow or be banned]

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Rules [ For this site follow or be banned] Empty
PostSubject: Rules [ For this site follow or be banned]   Rules [ For this site follow or be banned] I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 10:15 pm

Yes! Here are the rules for this site. We would want you to follow them, if you don't you'll get first a warning, if you still are doing something that's written here again, we'll ban you.

1. Treat the other members with respect.

Don't insult people, or make posts about one person on this forum. ( exept if you want to be nice and make a happy birthday thread for that person)

2. Behave your language.

3. You can only have one account!
if there's trouble with your account contact me (admin) or Ayuni-chan.

4.When you're starting a new thread, make ones that people can understand.
ex. not accepted: LOOK!!! accepted: Look at this news video I found with The GazettE.
Also don't make a bunch of decorations in your subject box. with stars and everything, keep it simple and clean.And please When you're writing an answer or a new topic don't use caps, it makes people feel like you're yelling.
5. And keep yourself to the subject, if you start to talk about something else, you can make a new thread.

5. Check the topic first!
If you're starting a new topic, make sure that no one else has started to same one before you, it's just waste to have many topics about the same things Wink

6. Sources!
When you have news about something, remember to give a link to where you found it!
or if the site you've found it on, only want you to give a link, then do so.

Have fun! Wink

thank you!
// HyunCho & Ayuni-chan
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Rules [ For this site follow or be banned]
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